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Drop n Tell Shipping Damage Impact Indicator

Drop n Tell Shipping Damage Impact Indicator
Drop n Tell Shipping Damage Impact Indicator Drop n Tell Shipping Damage Impact Indicator
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  • Use to tell if your package has suffered a severe drop or shock.
  • Detects potential damage by activating when a pre-set level of G-force is exceeded on impact
  • Will not activate before use
  • Supplied with adhesive backing and companion labels
  • Can be applied to consignment with nails or screws
  • Device measures 2" x 7/8" x 1/4"
  • Highly visible visual deterrant

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Drop n Tell Shipping Damage Impact Indicator
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Price per Pack
Code: Size: Pack Qty 1 2+ Quantity
DNTLB/5G 20 £129.60 £109.60 - +
DNTLB/10G 20 £129.60 £109.60 - +
DNTLB/15G 20 £129.60 £109.60 - +
DNTLB/25G 20 £129.60 £109.60 - +
DNTLB/50G 20 £129.60 £109.60 - +
DNTLB/100G 20 £129.60 £109.60 - +

The Drop N Tell system includes two warning labels and is manufactured in six different G-ranges (5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 50G and 100G). The device monitoris 5 times the force of gravity, is very sensitive whereas the device monitoring 100 times the rate of gravity (DNT/LB100) requires a greater imact to activate. 


  Container Area In Cubic Metres        
Pack Weight (kg) 0.00-0.028 0.028-0.142 0.142-0.425 0.425-1.416 1.416 +
0.00-4.53 DNTLB100 DNTLB100 DNTLB50 DNTLB50 DNTLB25
4.53-11.34 DNTLB100 DNTLB50 DNTLB50 DNTLB25 DNTLB25
11.34-22.68 DNTLB50 DNTLB25 DNTLB25 DNTLB25 DNTLB25
22.68-45.36 DNTLB50 DNTLB25 DNTLB25 DNTLB15 DNTLB15
45.36-113.4 DNTLB25 DNTLB25 DNTLB15 DNTLB15 DNTLB15
113.4-453.6 DNTLB15 DNTLB10  DNTLB10 DNTLB10 DNTLB10


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