Adhesive Tapes Guide

When it comes to differing qualities, the basic ‘rule of thumb’ is that Vinyl is the more expensive tape and polypropylene is the cheaper option.

A standard roll would be 50mm, approx. 2” in width, while the length of the roll would be 66 metres.

If you are using a 2” width of roll of tape on a regular basis it is worthwhile purchasing a tape dispenser to aid usage. The most popular is the Pistol Grip Dispenser. This low cost item can be used with any conventional 2” width tape.

Tapes are also available in 25mm (1”) or 75mm (3”).

Duct Tape

Cloth tape is another item that people know by different names; Duck tape, Cloth tape, Gaffer tape, Gaffa tape, Waterproof tape or Elephant tape.

It is manufactured out of a laminated poly coated cloth and is supplied in a variety of widths, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 90mm.

Rolls are supplied 50m in length as standard. This item is used in the automotive, construction, electronic, and upholstery industries as well as being used on stage at rock and pop concerts for taping cables and set lists.

Masking Tape

Known by many as Painter’s tape. This is a paper tape with a very low adhesive property.

It is mainly used in auto repair shops and for painting and decorating. It is also used in art galleries for the hanging and mounting of pictures and prints.

Sold in different strengths for different applications the width available are 12mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

All roll lengths are 50m.

Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium Foil Tape is manufactured from a high grade aluminium foil, it is available in two strengths – 30 micron and 40 micron.

Aluminium Foil tape is used extensively in the construction industry. The tape is used in a whole range of different tasks, including repairing gutters, pipe lagging, duct sealing, heating and ventilation amongst others.

This tape is flame retardant, has a vapour proof barrier, UV resistant and also waterproof.

All roll lengths are 50m and available in widths of 25mm, 38mm and 50mm..

Tamper Evident Security Tape

Tamper Evident Security tape is used to seal cartons and sensitive documents, to help in preventing pilfering of valuable goods and documents.

Once you peel the tape it reveals a “Void Open” message to inform you of potential theft. Once peeled you cannot stick it back without evidence of disturbance.This is a costly tape but if your products are of high value it is well worth purchasing to give you peace of mind during the various stages of delivery.

It is available in red and blue and is 48mm wide. Roll lengths are 50m.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Double Sided adhesive tape has a layer of adhesive on both sides of the tape.

To use, simply stick down the adhesive side and once in place, peel the layer off the second side and stick it to a surface or object. If you do not wish the tape to be visible, this is an excellent product to use.

It is manufactured with very high tack adhesives and is used in household operations for craft uses and for sticking photos into albums. It is most commonly used by the carpet laying profession.

Monoweave Tape

If you require a tape to seal boxes and reduce your strapping costs, Monoweave tape is the one for you.The tape is manufactured with glass fibre filament to add strength and to limit tear ability.

The tape is clear so you can still see the print on the boxes being used and it is available in both 25mm and 50mm widths. Roll lengths are 50m.

Crossweave Tape

Crossweave tape has the glass filament running two directionally, so you have strength across the length and breadth of the tape.

This tape is highly recommended if you are using it to close heavy duty packages and packages which are being exported. The strong solvent used on Crossweave tape makes it suitable for a variety of surfaces including cardboard, metal and plastic.

Cross weave is available in 12mm, 19mm, 25mm, 50mm and 75mm widths. All rolls are 50 metres.

Pre-Printed Tape

Pre-printed text tape is a great product if you want to use clear eye catching messages to ensure your items arrive safely, while ensuring that your cartons are taped securely.

There are fourteen different print texts are available including fragile, this way up, and handle with care.

All tapes are supplied with red text on a white coloured adhesive tape. Tapes are 50mm wide, with 66 metres on a roll.

If the text you require is not available or you would like your company details on a printed tape, you can purchase bespoke printed tape. Minimum orders for bespoke printed tape can be as little as 72 rolls (depending upon complexity of print and number of colours required).

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