TiltWatch Guide

The Tiltwatch XTR is a tip indicator which is used to monitor whether tipping has occurred on goods that must stay upright. The Tiltwatch contains an adhesive backing which enables it to be placed on to a product. The indicator on the label will turn red if the product has been tilted during shipping. Therefore it provides a reliable and economical solution to prevent your items from being mishandled in transit. It is also worth noting that the indicator is unaffected as result of movement by normal handling conditions.

TiltWatch Plus


The packaging label is used to support a wide range of applications from large computer rack systems, automotive parts, biomedical supplies and glass products. The common theme is that the label is attached to items that are especially fragile or sensitive.

They are an attention grabbing device which acts as a visual deterrent to ensure that the highest standard of care is carried out by the product handler. This in turn ensures that the quality of the product is maintained during shipping, which helps provide increased customer satisfaction. The TiltWatch can also withstand various weather conditions due to the vacuum seal contained in the label. This enables the TiltWatch to function regardless of changes in temperature.

Alternative Identity Labels & Markers

There is an equivalent to the Tiltwatch Tilt Indicators which is called Tip N Tell. This is manufactured by another company and is a direct competitor of Tiltwatch. Alternatively if you would like a label that records whether impact or dropping has occurred you should purchase Shockwatch, Dropspot or Drop N Tell. Shockwatch labels come in five different colours which range in sensitivity to impact from Green (being the least sensitive) to Yellow (being the most sensitive). They are a universally recognised product and are extremely popular in North America. As well as being self adhesive they can be nailed or stapled to a container. Similar to Shockwatch and Drop N Tell help protect perishable and fragile goods. 

The Tiltwatch XTR indicators come in a pack size of 100. Alternatively you can purchase Tiltwatch Plus, which contains three separate indicators which provide complete 360 degree monitoring of your item. Two of the indicators determine the angle that the product was tilted and from what direction, while the other shows if the item was completely overturned. Tiltwatch Plus is also available in a pack size of 100.

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