Anti Static Packaging Guide

Whether you are selling electronic components either as an online auction site or as an employee of a multinational corporation, it is imperative that you ship these items with antistatic packaging. 

There are several product options in this respect, most notably  bubble wrap, bubble bags, polythene bags, metallised static shielding bags and black volume conductive bags. 

What makes Anti-Static Bubblewrap different?

Using conventional non anti-static bubble wrap can create static when being used. This can cause damage to motherboards and computer chips, so it is vitally important that electronic components are shipped using anti-static products.

The only difference between anti static bubble wrap and conventional bubble wrap is that during the manufacturing process an agent is added which creates the anti static properties. The chemical agent releases an electrical compound that prevents the collection of electrostatic charges on the bubblewrap.

Our anti static bubble wrap is available in a variety of sizes to suit your application. Supplied in 1500mm, 750mm, 500mm and 300mm. All sizes are sold in roll lengths of 100m. 

Anti Static Bubble Bags

If the items you send are a uniform size, you may find yourself cutting down the bubble wrap rolls to fit the product. This can be a laborious and time consuming exercise. Anti static bubble bags can be used. They are available in seven sizes ranging from 100x135mm, up to 380x435mm. All seven sizes come supplied with a 30mm self adhesive lip to aid closure of the package.

Anti static bubble bags are designed to be used within an Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA). They are free of the amine compound and suitable for holding non sensitive components (nuts and bolts, documentation, etc) within the static controlled environment. 

Open ended anti static bags are printed with an electrostatic discharge warning label, whereas the grip seal anti static bags are supplied plain.

Metallised Static Shielding Bags

If bags holding static sensitive components are being handled outside an EPA, then it is advised to use Metallised Static Shielding Bags. These bags have been manufactured from metallic polyester and laminated to antistatic polyethylene.

It is important that you do not fold or crease these bags as it can cause a breakdown in the quality of the shield. If you discover a puncture or a tear in the material, you should discard it as the Faraday Cage principle will not function.

These bags are available in an open ended bag and grip seal form. All are supplied with a CSD warning symbol. Sizes range from 4×6” to 8×10”.

What about Black Volume Conductive Bags?

Black Volume Conductive bags are suitable for holding static sensitive components and should only be handled in an EPA. It is possible to damage a static sensitive component within a black conductive bag, with contact electrostatic discharge, so safe usage is a priority. This item is also unaffected by humidity. 

This item is available in two sizes: 6×8” and 8×10”. Both sizes are supplied in 300 gauge material and are printed with an ESD warning symbol.

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