Clear Adhesive Tape – Product Guide

A roll of clear adhesive tape is a regular sight in an office environment, factory and warehouse. However there are many different sizes and materials to consider when choosing the tape that is right for you.

PVC/Vinyl tape is considered to be of the highest quality and therefore is the most expensive whereas polypropylene, which covers the majority of packaging tapes, is less expensive to purchase.

The standard measurements for a roll of tape is approximately 2″ in width and 66 metres long. If you are a frequent user of a tape that fits these measurements it is highly recommended that you use a tape dispenser. The majority of tape dispensers are suitable to use with the standard 2″ x 66m length tape.

Bonus Tape

This clear polypropylene tape is a standard 50mm in width and is available in lengths of 150m or 200m. As you get more tape on the roll bonus tape is vital in reducing your impact on the environment. This tape also helps reduce storage by 2/3 as they only contain 66% of the packaging material that would be used with normal 66m length tapes.

It is ideal for sealing cartons and packaging. It is also resistant to cold temperatures and is available with a solvent adhesive.

Stationery Tape

An easy tear, clear stationery tape that is ideal for general purpose use around your home and office.

It is 25mm wide and 66m in length. This tape is also ideal for mending broken items, gift wrapping, packaging and sealing.

3M Scotch Tape

This is a high quality polypropylene branded tape that is widely used in the U.K. It is 2″ x 66m and its high performance allows it to work well through a number of temperatures. It is also resistant to splitting, moisture and abrasion. It has a 28 micron thickness and it is advised that you use this tape with packages weighing up to 20kg.

The expected shelf life of this tape is one year, before it is unable to serve its purpose.

Economy Clear Tape

A tape which combines a polypropylene film with a water based acrylic adhesive. The acrylic material means that it is a more transparent tape than a lot of polypropylene filmed tapes.

As an economy tape it is a lot noisier than a PVC/Vinyl tape. However it has a strong backing and durable solvent adhesive and is perfect for carton sealing.

It is 48mm wide and 66 metres in length.

3M Heavy Duty Scotch Tape

This heavy duty Scotch tape contains the same polypropylene material as the standard tape.

This tape is suitable for all carton sealing machines. It is 2″ wide but 990m long. This tape sticks well to the majority of surfaces and is ideal for boxes which contain a large percentage of recycled content.

Frugal packing tape

This is another form of economy packing tape which uses a water based acrylic. The frugal packing tape is available in a much larger variety of widths and sizes to standard economy and scotch tapes.

It is available in a 66m length with widths of 18 mm, 25mm or 75mm. It is also available in a length of 132m with a width of 48mm.

This tape is ideal for light packing, wrapping items, point of sale and also for signs and graphics.

Clear PVC / Vinyl Tape

This is the most expensive and also the highest quality packaging tape.

It attaches to many surfaces including glass, plastic, wood and aluminium, without leaving a trace. It is almost silent when dispensing which makes it suitable for any workplace.

It also has a much longer adhesion than most packaging tapes and is suitable for boxes/cartons that weigh up to 30kg. It has a high resistance to tears and is ideal to use in an area with temperature change. PVC/Vinyl works to its best capabilities in a temperature of 18-21°.

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