How To Use A Heat Sealer

First of all you’ll need to choose which size polythene tubing you want to use. This tubing is available in widths from 2″ to 48″ and various colours. Browse our range of Layflat Tubing

Once you have chosen the appropriate size of tubing pull the tubing to the length you require and place it in the heat sealer. There is a dial at the side of the sealer to adjust the temperature as required. 

You simply push down on the sealer in order to seal the bag and then slide the blade in order to cut the material.

Fill the bag with the items to be sealed and then use the sealer to seal the open side of the bag. You would do this by inserting the open side into the sealer, pushing down on the sealer and slide the blade in order to cut off any excess. This should give you the perfect bag for your item.

Watch the short video below for a full demonstration!

If you are interested in spare parts for this machine you can purchase them on our page – Impulse Heat Sealer Spares Kit.

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