Jiffylite Airkraft Bags Guide

Jiffy Airkraft bags are the lightest postal envelope available in the Jiffy brand. They have recently been rebranded as they were previously known as Jiffylite postal bags. Supplied in a white colour they are manufactured from 92gsm quality paper. Jiffy Airkraft Bags contain barrier bubble, which is Sealed Air’s branded quality bubble wrap. These bags are recommended for semi-fragile, low cost items.

Airkraft Bags

The 92gsm Kraft paper is lightweight which makes it a popular option when sending items, as they keep postal costs down. They are available in 10 sizes – ranging from 90x1245mm, up to 340x445mm. The six smaller sizes can be sent as a large letter according to Royal Mail’s postage charts, whereas the larger four can be sent as a package. The bags are supplied with a self-seal closure, so there is no need for additional taping or stapling of the envelope. The laminated Kraft outer also provides a water-resistant secure package. The seamless bottom provides additional cushioning to add strength and security to the bag. These remain the chosen product for many CD, DVD and book sellers.

Jiffylite Sizes

All of the sizes can be used for a wide range of items, but specific envelopes are recommended for specific items. Size 000 is recommended for jewellery and watches; 00 is recommended for floppy disks; 0 for CD’s; 1 for DVD’s and videos; 2 for small giftware; 3 for desk diaries and software; 4 for A4 brochures and literature; 5 for books and mobile phones; 6 for small clothing and size 7 for A3 sized products.


Alternative postal envelopes are also available as Jiffy produces two similar products, which are Jiffy Mailmiser Bags and Jiffy Padded Bag envelopes. The Mailmiser is a premium, bubble-lined envelope and the Jiffy Padded Bag envelopes are filled with macerated fibre paper. Featherpost bags are manufactured by Sancell as a direct equivalent of the Airkraft and Mailmiser bags. The only difference is that they are filled with Sancell bubble wrap. All three products are available in a wide variety of sizes.

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