Padded Jiffy Bags Uses & Alternatives

Padded Jiffy bags are the original and best selling postal envelope available on the market.

Supplied in a gold colour they are unlike most postal envelopes in that they are not filled with bubble wrap film but a macerated recycled paper fibre lining. This makes these envelopes a popular choice for those who wish to be environmentally friendly as they are degradable and fully recyclable.

Padded Jiffy Envelopes – Uses & Applications

As the envelopes are supplied with an adhesive strip to aid closure they are a popular product in busy packing departments. The strip negates the need for using glue, tape or staples to close the envelope.  They are manufactured from 90gsm Kraft paper with a double glued bottom flap and four fold corners for maximum protection in transit. There are no side seams which aids split resistance. The bags, being so strong, are reusable and actually increase in protection with use as the filler becomes more malleable.   The strength of the envelope also reduces the chance of puncture and tearing and therefore this envelope is a popular choice for sending robust, heavy duty items through the post with less chance of damage. The fact that this product is known for its benchmark quality many mail order firms insist on using Jiffy Padded bags for the sending of CDs, DVDs and computer games through the post.

Alternatives to Padded Jiffy Bags

Packability offers two alternative postal envelope ranges off the shelf. Jiffy Mailmiser and Jiffy Airkraft are both manufactured by Jiffy and are lightweight and more competitive products than the Jiffy Padded. They are both manufactured from a lighter paper and are therefore not as strong but weigh less when posting. The third alternative is a competitor brand, Featherpost. These are similar in nature to the two lighter Jiffy options as they are less strong but more competitive. If the items being sent are not heavy duty and you wish to save money on the weight of your package all three products are completely fine and fit for purpose. 

Choose your Padded Jiffy Bag at Packability

Available in ten stock sizes ranging from 107mm x 235mm up to 437mm x 665mm. The smallest six sizes are suitable for sending as large letters and the largest four as packets by the Royal Mail. The minimum quantity per pack depends on the size of the envelope and ranges from 50 envelopes for the larger sizes to 200 in the smallest sizes.

The ten sizes have been designed with particular products in mind for posting. Size PB00 is suitable for A7 papers and jewellery, PB0 for A6 paper and mobile phones, PB1 for A5 paper and films, PB2 for CDs, PB3 for DVDs and Videos, PB4 for A4 paper, documents and files, PB5 for A4 paper, brochures and books, PB6 for shirts and lighter clothing, PB7 for A3 paper and fancy goods and PB8 for A2 paper, large gifts and heavier clothing.

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