Single Wall Cardboard Boxes Guide

When you wish to package an item for storage or delivery, a cardboard box is an excellent and inexpensive choice. There are a wide variety of styles, strengths and variations available off the shelf and specially made. There is also the decision on whether you want to purchase a single or double wall box. Aside from personal preference and budget, there are good reasons why single wall boxes are the best option. A single wall box will be cheaper and lighter than double wall, which makes it suitable for sending light items through the post. If you are sending heavier items then a double wall box would be the better option.

What Single Wall Box Board Grade?

Whether you prefer an off the shelf box or a bespoke manufactured box, you will need to know what board grade you require. You may see this stated on websites as 125K/B/125T. What this means is that the box is manufactured in 125gms Kraft outer liner, B-flute and 125g Test liner inner. Kraft liner board was traditionally manufactured with 100% virgin pulp; however board mills are adding recycled waste as a proportion of its content. The most commonly used fluting is B-flute. B-flute is very robust making it difficult to crush. It also has good compression strength.

C-flute is much stronger than B-flute, but it is also more expensive. C-flute is also much larger and will therefore take up more storage space than B-flute. Both the fluting and Test line material are made out of 100% recycled material. As a result of this, over 75% of the board’s content comes from recycled material.

The gsm of the paper is important as the larger the gsm, the greater the weight the box can withstand. As a rule of thumb, if your item weighs 5 kilos or less, using a 125gsm box is fine. If your item weighs between 5 and 10 kilos, you should use a 150gsm box. When your item weights 15 kilos or more, it is advised to use a double wall box. A 125gsm double wall box can safely hold 15kgs.

Sizes of Single Wall Corrugated Boxes?

All boxes are measured and sold in three dimensions, length, breadth and height. This simply means that the longest side panel (length) x the shortest side panel (breadth) x the height of the box (height). It is important to note that box dimensions are measured internally.

Bespoke Size Single Wall Boxes

You are able to purchase smaller quantities of stock size boxes than if you purchased a box that was specifically made. However the size of the stock sized box may be too big for your item. This can lead to added expense as you will need to purchase void fill material. A common misconception with specially made boxes is that you have to purchase thousands of boxes at a time, however this is incorrect. To produce a specially made box, the box manufacturer would have to purchase 200sq metres of flat board to carry out the job. The size of the box required, affects the amount of boxes you would have to purchase. The larger the box, the smaller amount of boxes you would need to buy. If you ordered a size 305mmx229mmx229mm, you would have to purchase 390 boxes, whereas if you required a size of 360mmx320mmx300mm, you would only need to purchase 230 boxes.  If you wanted a size bigger than that, the quantity you would need to order would be less again.

Single Wall Corrugated Box – Style?

A standard cardboard box, which has two flaps that meet in the middle of the top and bottom of the box and requires adhesive tape to close it, is commonly known in the trade as a 0201 style box. The 0201 reference is taken from a recognised industry standard produced by FEFCO. For further information on further styles of boxes, trays and dividers please visit the FEFCO website.

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