Guide to Small Bubble Wrap

Faced with an array of different types of bubble wrap can seem somewhat overwhelming. Aside from preference between small (10mm) and large bubble wrap (20mm or 30mm), there are also bubble wraps available in anti-static and bio degradable film. In this article we will look at the benefits of using a conventional small bubble wrap for packaging purposes. It is also worth noting that if you are sending static sensitive components, we would highly recommend using only anti-static small bubble wrap.

As a good rule of thumb for packaging, the smaller the item being wrapped, the smaller the bubble to be used. Small bubble wrap applies to the size of the bubble on the film not the size of the roll. A small bubble is traditionally 10mm in diameter and 4mm in height. Rolls of bubble wrap are normally cut to 1200mm or 1500mm in height and 100 metres in length. The 1500mm wrap can then be split for sale as 2x750mm, 3x500mm and 5x300mm, whereas the 1200mm height can be split to 2x600mm. 

Ideal for E-Commerce Sites & Start Ups

Since small bubble is competitively priced, it has become the packaging material of choice for a growing number of newly established large companies and entrepreneurial e-commerce sites.  Its versatility, in being suitable for a wide range of packaging, makes it a great “one shop” product.  It’s also lightweight so it helps to cut costs compared to bulkier packaging materials, whilst still being strong and resilient enough for most jobs. Its transparency is a boon, enabling vendors, couriers and purchasers to make frequent visual checks of the product. Its polyethylene texture makes it resistant to moisture and liquid. Also its design makes it easy to rip and cut by hand and it can also be attached to bench cutters for those who work within a busy packing department.

The Growing Popularity of Small Bubble Wrap…

Over the years we have seen bubble wrap being used to wrap almost everything that can be wrapped, boxed and sent with a courier for delivery. Historically it was used in the engineering and automotive industries, art galleries and electrical sectors. In the last few years companies have been able to market to previously untapped geographical locations. As a result industry has seen a major growth in the sales of bubble wrap. There has also been an increase in purchasing from a vast number of e-commerce sellers. The rise of online companies selling beauty products, homemade soaps, and organic products has had a huge bearing on the sales of small bubble wrap rolls.

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How to Use Small Bubble Wrap

When using small bubble wrap there are some specific steps to follow. Firstly, when you are wrapping an item, place the bubbles next to the item. This enables the surface of the wrapped item to be protected by several bubbles simultaneously. The plain side then distributes any impact on to a section of bubbles if bumped. This is universally accepted as the best way to prevent unnecessary breakages.  When the bubble wrapped item is placed in the box, gently rock the box to see if the item moves. If it does move you would need to add some void fill such as loose fill, small or large bubble wrap, or white news cut in order to cushion the item so that it cannot move in transit.  Try rocking the box again, if it still moves add more until the item does not move at all.

Bubble Bags May Be Better…

If the item you are shipping is a universal size, it may save time and effort by using bubble bags rather than bubble wrap for wrapping your product securely.  We supply bubble bags in seven different sizes ranging from 100x135mm up to 380x435mm. All seven sizes are easy to close as they come with an adhesive flap.

Final Packaging Thoughts…

Don’t forget that bubble wrap is a reusable resource. If you purchase any goods and it comes packaged with bubble wrap please don’t throw it away. It may have deflated slightly and not be acceptable for wrapping a product but it will be absolutely fine for use as a void filler when sending out a sensitive item.  If you are someone who cares deeply about the environment and the world in which we live, you may be interested in bio degradable green bubble wrap rolls. This has the same strength and quality as conventional bubble wrap, but with added green benefits.

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