Strapping Tensioners Guide

Strapping tensioning tools are used to safely stabilize and secure loads when using strapping material. Strapping tensioners come in a variety of styles to suit every budget. There are tensioners which are designed to only be used for tightening plastic. There is also a steel-strapping tensioner which is used to tighten metal straps. When using a strapping tensioner, it is important that the tensioner is secure and that all straps are removed after use.

How to use Strap Tensioners?

Strapping can be used to bundle items together such as newspapers, pipes, lumber and bricks and to attach items to pallets and for reinforcing wooden boxes and crates. It can also be used for securing items such as glass, coils of steel or paper and metal parts and for closing corrugated cases and shipping containers and also for holding bales of agricultural products and textiles.

What type of Strapping?

When deciding which strapping to use you must consider what tension strength is required and also whether the item is being used in adverse weather conditions. The strongest material available is Steel Strapping but this is not acceptable in cold weather conditions because steel will rust. There are several forms of plastic strapping including polypropylene, polyester and nylon. Polypropylene is the lowest cost option but it is susceptible to UV degradation and will degrade if exposed to the elements. Nylon and Polyester are stronger and are suitable for cold stores and outdoor use. Nylon used to be the more popular of the two but over time it has been overtaken by Polyester. Corded polyester strapping (also known as Woven strapping) has a higher elongation than other strapping systems which makes it ideal for sea and rail shipments. The strongest polythene strapping is Composite strapping which has filaments embedded in it. In the load securing industry it is often referred to as ‘synthetic steel’. It can perform to similar strengths as steel strapping. Composite strapping will not be affected by the elements. 

There is a vast selection of different strapping tensioners available ranging from manual budget models which can be purchased from £30, up to Pneumatic models which can cost over £1,600.

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