Tape Dispensers Guide

Regardless of the size or variation of tape you are using there is a tape dispenser available. Whether you are sitting at an office desk, or working in a packing department we have a tape dispenser for you.

Tape Gun Dispensers – The Cost Effective, Quality Option

If you are using a conventional 2” (48mm-50mm) adhesive tape on a 75mm core and you want it to be portable, the best option would be a Pistol grip tape gun dispenser.  The Pistol grip dispenser is a cost effective quality item that be used with brown/buff, clear, coloured or printed tape. The dispenser has an adjustable brake, a safety blade cap, a static suction grip and a double edged blade. Manufactured out of strong plastic, it takes just seconds to load a new roll for usage.

Tape Dispenser for Sealing Bags

If you are using tape, which is between 9” and 16” for the purpose of sealing bags, then the dispenser you require is a Bag Neck tape dispenser. There is a wide variety available in plastic, metal and stainless steel. Usually they come in two different sizes. There is a dispenser for 9-12mm tape and a dispenser for 12-16mm tape. The throat on the 9-12mm dispenser is 7mm and the throat on the 12-16mm is 12mm.

Bench Mounted Tape Dispensing – Ideal for Offices & Packing Areas

If you need a dispenser for your office desk or packing area, then a Bench Mounted Dispenser is essential as it can accommodate tapes from 25mm up to 75mm wide. They are manufactured in both plastic and metal. When ordering a bench dispenser, please note that some are for 25mm core tape and others for 50mm core. You can also purchase bench dispensers that come supplied with a bench fixing clamp. This clamp is used to secure a dispenser to a bench or desk, which helps secure it in place.

Dispensing Tapes for Pre-Set Lengths…

If you require your tape to be cut to a certain length, you can use a Manual or Electronic pre-set length dispenser. The manual has a handle that you turn to cut, whereas the electric has a button that you press. There are different dispensers that can take tapes from 6mm to 75mm.

Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers?

If you are using gummed paper tapes, there is a large variety of both manual and electric dispensers to choose from. You can purchase a basic manual model for around £30 or a top of the range electronic one for over £2000. Electric dispensers are sometimes available for hire if you do not want to purchase outright.

Big Tape Dispensers

If you are using Bonus tape you have to use a Bonus tape dispenser.  Bonus tape is manufactured on rolls which have a smaller core, so conventional pistol grip dispensers will not fit. Bonus tape comes on both 1” and 2” cores, so make sure you are aware of the size of your tapes core before you purchase the dispenser.

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