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Shockwatch Impact Indicators Labels / Stickers

Shockwatch Impact Indicators Labels / Stickers
Prices from: £2.90 + VAT
  • Detects and records impact and mishandling of boxes/products during transportation
  • Ideal for shipping fragile goods
  • Central white vial turns red on high impact
  • Goods receive extra care due to this visual detterent
  • Dimension of labels: 97x97mm

Not sure which Shockwatch you need? Click on "more details" below to view handy guide and helpful video.

Download Shockwatch Package Brief (PDF)

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Shockwatch Impact Indicators Labels / Stickers
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SW/CL 200 £60.40 £60.40 £60.40 £60.40 - +

Not sure what size you need?

Enter the lengthbreadthheight and weight of your package below and the Shockwatch calculator will tell you what label you need...


Watch this 70 second video on how Shockwatch Labels work

Use the table below to discover which Shockwatch label you require:

How to use this table

Calculate the dimensions of your parcel in metres.

From here you will be able to work out Cu.M by multiplying the length x width x height.

Note which column your final calculation falls into. Weigh your product and work down to the appropriate row.


A box measures 305 x 305 x 305mm which is the equivalent to 0.305 x 0.305 x 0.305metres  

Multiply all dimensions, 0.305 x 0.305 x 0.305 = 0.028

0.028 falls into the first column. The weight of the box is 27kg which falls into the 4th row.

So going across one and down four lands in an Orange box – This parcel needs an orange label. 



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